“We wouldn’t have won without Lee Kwang-yeon’s saves.”

Gangwon FC head coach Yoon Jung-hwan thanked goalkeeper Lee Kwang-yeon after successfully hunting down the ‘big fish’ Ulsan HD. Yago’s mid-range strike on the counterattack in the 21st minute of the 13th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Chuncheon Songam Sports Town main stadium on Monday gave Gangwon a 1-0 home win over Ulsan.

With five wins, four draws and four losses (19 points), Gangwon is unbeaten in three consecutive matches (two wins, one draw) and has set the stage for a leap to the top of the table. They reduced the gap to five points with third-place Ulsan (24 points), who failed to add a point.

“I’m not satisfied with the performance, but I’m happy with the win. “We tried to wait and counter-attack against Ulsan, and some things went well and some things didn’t,” he said, “but we held on well. If it wasn’t for Kwang Yeon-yi’s saves, we wouldn’t have won. We got over the big hump well.”

The following is a one-on-one interview with Coach Yoon

  • How did the match go?

“I’m not satisfied with the game, but I’m happy that we won. Despite the difficult situation, the players showed their fighting spirit until the end. Today, rather than challenging Ulsan, we waited and tried to counterattack, which worked well and not so well. In the end, I think we did well. If it wasn’t for Kwang Yeon-yi’s saves, I don’t think we would have won. We got over the big hump well. I feel like the players are getting heavier and heavier. There are things that the opponent can read and analyze. We have to overcome it while playing. I think we have a good atmosphere after the Ulsan game. (Cha Joo) We have three difficult games left, and we will prepare well to get over the hump again.

  • What didn’t you like?

In the first half, we struggled with their pressure, and even though we didn’t concede a goal, (Lee) Jisol’s complacency and the fact that we tried to build up a little bit more didn’t work. I think Ulsan outnumbered us in terms of pressing speed and defending, and that’s something we need to improve. We need to be confident.

  • Why did you take off center back Kang Too-ji in the second half?

I have a slight injury. I had to pull it out. I’m worried about injuries in every game, even in training.

  • (Left wing-back) Song Jun-seok started for the first time.

He wanted to show a lot. It’s been a long time since he played. He’s usually a better player, but he wanted to show a little more. It’s understandable. He’s a player who hasn’t played much in the first 카지노 division. He has some things to reflect on and some things he did well. I think he’ll get better.

  • Yang Min-hyuk described the last match against Ulsan as ‘frustrating’, how was it today?

I think I was too greedy today. I think I’ve adapted a lot, but there were many scenes where I was isolated. I wish I could have been simpler, faster, looked for my teammates and played the ball next time I received it. Still, I think playing 90 minutes is an experience in itself.

  • You were up to fourth place (before the Suwon FC game).

The rankings don’t mean much right now. There are teams coming up from below. I’ll think about it after the second round (robin). I can’t afford to think about it now. Each match is important. Especially the next three games in a week will decide whether we go up or down.

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