Ki-Bin Kwon, Dong-Hoon Choi and Sooyoung Yoo won side-by-side on the second day of ROAD TO UFC 3.

After four Korean fighters suffered losses on the previous day, they turned the tide by combining for three wins at the UFC Performance Institute (PI) in Shanghai, China.

Kim Kyu Sung Kim, who competed in the bantamweight tournament, lost a close decision.

A total of eight Koreans have competed this season. He has a record of 3 wins and 5 losses. Yoo Soo-young reached the semifinals of the bantamweight tournament and Choi Dong-hoon reached the semifinals of the flyweight tournament.

Both the featherweight and women’s strawweight divisions were eliminated. In the one-match, Won Bin Ki won and took home the pride.

In the lightweight bout, Ki-bin Ki scored a thrilling come-from-behind TKO victory.

Tatsuya Saika (JPN) was hit with a series of punches early in the first round and his legs gave out. It was a desperate situation.

Ki-Bin Kim recovered from the damage by hugging Saika and not allowing him to land any more punches. He didn’t lose his momentum at all. In fact, he pressured Saika even harder and landed a punch bomb to the face to turn the tide.

At the start of the second round, Ki-bin drove a stunned Saika to the fence and unleashed a nonstop barrage of punches to end the fight.

Choi Dong-hoon (KOR) defeated top-seeded Jinius Yue (CHN) in the flyweight tournament.

After an evenly matched first round, Choi was forced to take the back in the second round when his opponent went for a takedown, but was able to move to top position.

In the third round, a rushed Jiniuszewski landed counter strikes as he came in, and then piled on the points to take a 2-1 decision.

Choi Dong-hoon, who turned pro in 2021, punched his ticket to the semifinals 토토사이트 with a meteoric rise. He is undefeated with seven wins.

Yoo Soo-soo Yoo outclassed a sticky Shohei Nose (JPN) in grappling.

Yoo was able to position herself reliably against Nose, who was a grappling fighter who went straight for the takedown without thinking about striking.

Nose applied a variety of submissions, including a guillotine choke, omoplata, and toe hold, but Yoo used her solid jiu-jitsu skills to escape and maintain top position.

In the end, she won by 3-0 decision. Yoo advanced to the semifinals with a performance worthy of a bantamweight favorite.

“I was able to win because I had faith in my grappling based on my experience,” Yoo said after the match.

Kim Gyu-sung (JPN) was unable to defend a takedown from Nakanishi Tokitaka (JPN) and kept losing ground control time, resulting in a 0-3 decision after three rounds.


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