Manchester United had a successful first season with the appointment of manager Eric Tern Haach in the 2022/23 season, raising fans’ expectations for the next season. In his first year in office, Turn Haach broke Manchester United’s record of nothing by winning the Football League Cup (EFL Cup), and the FA Cup also reached the final.

Manchester United, which is scheduled to join the league and UEFA Champions League championship competition in earnest from the next season, is expected to be steadily reinforced as famous players such as Harry Kane, Frankie Deyong and Kim Min-jae are mentioned as candidates for recruitment ahead of the transfer market.

However, the transfer market did not flow like Manchester United’s mind from the beginning. Despite other big clubs gradually confirming their recruitment one by one, Manchester United only appeared on rumors of a transfer, and few players even entered detailed negotiations, making fans nervous.

However, Manchester United did not just wait. Manchester United succeeded in recruiting Mason Mount, who played for Chelsea, by paying a transfer fee of £60 million (about KRW 100.4 billion), and later succeeded in changing the generation of goalkeepers by bringing Andre Onana.

Recently, he is trying to strengthen his position as a front-line striker. Manchester United showed excessive sluggishness in their offense last season, even though they had front-line strikers named Anthony Martial and Bout Behorst. Marcus Rashford was more often at the forefro

Initially, Kane, Victor Osimen, and Randall Kolomuani were nominated, but Hoiirun is currently the most likely candidate. British media “BBC” said, “Manchester United has agreed to recruit Atalanta’s Danish striker Huirun for 72 million pounds (about 117.8 billion won),” admitting that Manchester United’s recruitment of Huirun is imminent.

Born in 2003, Danish striker Huirun is considered a player with nine goals and four assists in 32 games in Italy’s Serie A stage last season at the young age of 20.

He is 191 centimeters tall, fast, and has excellent shooting skills, so some fans nicknamed him “Second Holan” and “Danish Holan,” saying he is reminiscent of “Monster Striker” Elling Holan (Manchester City), who scored 52 goals last season.

In the meantime, Manchester United’s lineup for the next season, which can be set up when recruiting, has been unveiled, making Manchester United fans waiting for the 2023/24 season excited.

The Sun, a British media outlet, released Manchester United’s expected starting list for next season on the 30th (Korea Standard Time), saying, “It is a lineup that can be selected after Manchester United achieves a transfer.”

The Sun said, “Manchester United are expected to recruit Hui Lun. They have reached a contract worth 72 million pounds (about 118.2 billion won), he said, adding that Manchester United’s round of recruitment is imminent.

On the starting list released by The Sun, Oh Na-na, who was newly recruited as a goalkeeper, was placed first. Luke Shaw, Lisandro Martinez, Rafael Varane, and Diogu Dalot made up the back four in the defense. The midfield expected Mount, Casemiro and new captain Bruno Fernandes to form, and predicted that Rashford, Huirun and Antony would play in the top three of the front lines.

According to The Sun’s starting list, all three players who are newly recruited this time and are about to be recruited are likely to start.

The three players are expected to play in the midfield, goalkeeper and front line, which were originally cited as Manchester United’s weaknesses. However, if Mount, Onana, and Huirun’s performance do not contribute significantly to improving Manchester United’s performance in the next season, it will not be easy for Manchester United to leap to the championship.

Meanwhile, Manchester United was not included in The Sun’s expected lineup for the next season, but it is also trying to reinforce it further in the midfield.

Nicola Skira, a leading Italian reporter, reported on her SNS on the 29th that “Amrabat is waiting for Manchester United.”

Sofiang Amrabat was one of the first players in Africa to reach the semifinals at the Qatar World Cup last year. In the World Cup, he covered the midfield with tireless physical strength and served as a link between offense and defense. When he joined the attack, he opened the way with a powerful mid-range shot.

Based on his performance in the World Cup, Amravat received a lot of attention. However, Fiorentina wanted to keep Amravat until the end of the season and decided to sell Fiorentina after the 2022/23 season. According to the British media Daily Mail, Fiorentina is willing to send out Amravat for 30 million pounds (about 50 billion won).

“Amrabat has already agreed with Manchester United on a 4 million euro annual salary and a 4+1 year personal contract that runs until 2028,” Skira said, explaining that Amrabat has already completed a personal agreement with Manchester United.

According to reports, Manchester United will immediately complete Amrabat’s transfer if the existing midfielders Fred and Donny van der Beek are sold. If Amrabat heads to Manchester United, Manchester United will reinforce its outstanding midfielders in the third line, which previously lacked reliable resources other than Casemiro and Christian Eriksen.

While Manchester United, which has to leap forward as a candidate for the championship in major tournaments such as the next season’s league and the UEFA Champions League, is steadily reinforcing, much attention is expected to be paid to how competitive Manchester United’s starting lineup will be after Huirun and Amrabat join.


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