Returning to Washington, D.C., as a defendant in a criminal case, former President Trump proudly proclaimed his innocence.

[Donald Trump/former President of the United States: “This is persecution of a political opponent, and that should never happen in America.”]

Even in court, he pleaded “not guilty” when asked by the judge if he admitted to the prosecution’s charges, which included conspiring to overturn the outcome of the presidential election, obstruction of justice by storming Congress, and violating the right to vote.

It’s his third court appearance in four months, following a case in April for fabricating documents to silence his own sex scandal and unauthorized removal of state secrets.

It’s the third indictment, the third court appearance, but the political ramifications of tampering with election results are such that hundreds of reporters were on hand to cover the proceedings in real time.

Trump supporters and opponents alike crowded around the courthouse.

[Dion Cinney/Trump supporter: “The good news is that Trump’s approval rating is going to go up another 5% in the polls today, because that’s what happens every time there’s an indictment.”]

Tensions were especially high because the courthouse where the trial was held is right in front of the U.S. Capitol, where Trump supporters stormed two years ago.

[Christian Harvey/Trump opponent: “If we don’t stop Trump now, he’s going to break the will of the voters again.”]

The trials continue to roll in, with a Florida court appearance next week in a classified documents case and another in a Washington, D.C., court on Aug. 28.

Despite the spate of indictments, Trump, 카지노사이트킴 who remains the Republican Party’s front-runner for the presidency, is expected to use the courts as his campaign trail until next year’s election.

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