This is footage from the Saemangeum World Jamboree, as reported by the Associated Press.

Participants are given fluids on cots and the heat clinic is crowded with people complaining of heat stroke symptoms.

“It’s like a construction site” and “I feel sorry for you as a Korean” are some of the comments on the video.

The Associated Press questioned the choice of location, noting that “there were concerns about holding the event in an area with a lack of places to escape the heat.”

The original intention of the Jamboree, to contribute to world peace, or the program content, was not mentioned in foreign media reports.

[CNN reports: “A heat wave is taking its toll on the World Scout Jamboree. South Korea’s president has ordered an unlimited supply of air-conditioned buses and refrigerated tops.”]

[Singapore CNA reports: “Hundreds of South Korean rescue workers are on standby at the World Scout Jamboree site.”]

Reuters also reported a parent of a participant saying, “If the motto of scouting is ‘be prepared,’ how can we be so unprepared?”

In the UK, which sent 4,500 participants, media attention was even greater.

“Temperatures reached 35 degrees Celsius in Jeonbuk, where the event was held amid heatwave warnings,” the BBC reported, adding that the British government is keeping a close eye on the situation, and The Guardian has a separate window on its homepage for reports from Jamboree participants.

While the U.K. and U.S. governments have said they are communicating their safety concerns to the South Korean government, 먹튀검증토토사이트 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established a task force to support communication between the jamboree participants and the organizers.

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