Manchester City and Atletico Madrid (Spain) will play the second game of the Coupang Play Series at 8:30 p.m. on the 30th at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

A lot of rain is falling at the Seoul World Cup Stadium ahead of the match.

Due to the strong rain, the organizers decided to postpone the kickoff by 30 minutes, but fans who visited the stadium with raincoats and umbrellas are waiting for a big match without leaving their seats.

The proportion of fans cheering for Manchester City, which is also popular in Korea, was also high.

Asked if it was difficult to get a ticket for the game, Yang Se-eun, from Guro-gu, said, “I’m happy just to see Manchester City in Korea, which can only be seen when flying to England. “I won the money just by touching Manchester City’s trophy (at the event booth),” he said with a smile.

Kim Bo-hyung, who visited the stadium with his friends, said, “Just watching Manchester City’s game in Korea is a different experience. “I’m looking forward to the kickoff,” he said.

Asked about the game score, he then replied, “Man City, the team that made the treble, will definitely win.”

It is a small number compared to Manchester City fans, but there were also many fans wearing Atletico Madrid uniforms.

Jung Ji-hyung, who came from Goyang City, said, “I don’t like this atmosphere that Manchester City seems to be the main room,” adding, “I hope Atletico Madrid will change the atmosphere to victory.”

Some fans visited Korea to watch the game in Japan. Ryota Takahashi, who visited the stadium with his family, said, “I’m a long-time fan of the Saul NIGES. “I got a ticket through Atletico Madrid’s fan club in Japan,” he said.

“Atletico Madrid lost the previous match against the ‘Team K League’ 2-3 unfortunately.” However, Atletico Madrid played its first game (pre-season) at the time, and there is a difference in that K-League players are in the middle of the season, he said. “As it is the second game, Atletico Madrid players will be in better condition and win.”

Meanwhile, heavy rain is pouring, but there is no possibility that the game will be canceled.

The organizer said, “A 30-minute delay has been decided, but there is no cancellation of the game. “I’m trying to get the game going somehow,” he said.


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