okyo Dome is considered the mecca of Japanese baseball. Will a new stadium be built? The plan to build Tsukiji’s new dome stadium has been revealed.

Japanese media, including ‘Sports Nippon’, reported on the 20th that “there is a possibility that the Yomiuri Giants will move their home stadium to the Tsukiji New Dome Stadium.”

Tokyo’s plan to build a new dome stadium is linked to the redevelopment of Tsukiji Market’s former site. Tsukiji Market, Japan’s largest seafood market, located in downtown Tokyo, has been demolished and relocated to a new location.

The place where Tsukiji Market was originally located is Chuo-ku, a city center called the heart of Tokyo, including Ginza and Tokyo Station. The indoor market where seafood wholesale and auctions take place was relocated in 2018, and only a portion of the outdoor market visited by tourists remains in the original area. The large vacant lot where the market was located is currently undergoing redevelopment.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 19th that an investment group led by Mitsui Real Estate has been selected as the project company to redevelop the demolished Tsukiji Market site. This group also includes Yomiuri Shimbun, the parent company of the Yomiuri Giants.

According to the plan, a dome stadium that can accommodate about 50,000 people will be built in the Tsukiji area. The stadium is planned to be built in a state-of-the-art manner that can host concerts and large-scale exhibitions, and general offices and hotels are also planned to be opened.

Facilities in the redevelopment area, including the new dome stadium, are scheduled to open in 2032.

There is a growing possibility that Yomiuri will relocate its home stadium. Yomiuri currently uses Tokyo Dome, the mecca of Japanese baseball, as its home. Tokyo Dome opened in 1988 and can accommodate approximately 46,000 people. Although 35 years have passed since it opened, the ground conditions and stadium environment are still at the highest level. However, given the age of the game, there were concerns that the facilities other than the ground were somewhat outdated.

Yomiuri, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, will be able to celebrate its 100th anniversary at the new stadium when it moves to the new stadium. Yomiuri Club currently pays 2.5 billion yen (approximately 22.3 billion won) per year in fees for using Tokyo Dome, as well as additional royalties on product sales.

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