San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong ran a storm and added two stolen bases.

Ha-seong Kim started as shortstop number 6 in the home game against the Toronto Blue Jays held at Petco Park on the 22nd (Korean time) and recorded no hits in 2 at-bats, 2 walks, and 2 stolen bases.

His five-game hitting streak was interrupted, and his batting average dropped slightly to 0.226 (19 hits in 84 at-bats), but his on-base percentage rose to 0.347. The score also increased to 14. In particular, Ha-seong Kim ranked second in the National League (NL) in this category with 16 walks. It is 4 points behind the leader, LA Dodgers Mookie Betts (20). He has drawn 10 walks in his last seven games.

In the bottom of the second inning when the score was 1-1, Ha-seong Kim went out as the leadoff hitter and hit a ground ball to second base. With a ball count of 2B2S, Toronto starting pitcher Chris Bassett’s sixth pitch, a 70.7 mph body curve, flowed to second base, was caught by opposing second baseman Davis Schneider, and was thrown to first base, narrowly getting out.

With two outs in the fourth inning, when the balance was 2-2, Bassett’s 93.2 mph fastball to the body soared high and was caught by opposing shortstop Bo Bichet.

Ha-seong Kim drew a walk from right-hander Trevor Richards, the pitcher who had switched opponents, in the 6th inning with one out and runners on first and second base when the score was tied 2-2. Ha-seong Kim, who advanced to second base while third base runner Manny Machado was forced out at home due to Jackson Merrill’s ground ball, advanced to third base thanks to Luis Campusano’s push-out walk.

Then, Toronto catcher Danny Jansen’s batting interference occurred when Tyler Wade was at bat, and Kim Ha-seong homered, widening the score to 4-2.

Ha-seong Kim went out as the lead hitter in the bottom of the 8th inning with the score at 4-3, picked off Nate Pearson’s 96 mph fastball on the 5th pitch, and got on base again with 4 pitches, opening the way for additional runs. Then, after Merrill’s at-bat was out due to a fly ball to center field, he stole second and third base in succession at Luis Campusano’s at-bat. This was his 5th and 6th consecutive steal of the season.

First, the moment Pearson’s first pitch, an 84.3 mph slider, became a strike, he quickly ran to second base and was saved. Then, at a ball count of 2B1S, the moment the 87.5 mph slider on the 4th pitch became an outside ball, he ran to third base and was safe again. It wasn’t even time for catcher Jansen to throw to third base.

Then Campusano’s walk and Wade’s bases loaded with one out. Xander Bogaerts drew a walk and Kim Ha-seong homered to widen the score to 5-3, and Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a deep sacrifice fly to left field to seal the game.

San Diego, which won 6-3, recorded 12 wins and 12 losses and maintained second place in the NL West. They are still one game behind the leaders LA Dodgers.

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