An Uzbek player who injured a South Korean player in a rough brawl during a soccer match has been trending on social media.

On April 4, South Korea defeated Uzbekistan 2-1 in the men’s soccer quarterfinals at the 카지노사이트 Asian Games to advance to the final.

During the game, Uzbek players drew the ire of Korean soccer fans for their unsportsmanlike behavior, including reckless tackles and hitting Korean players without the referee’s knowledge. Uhm Won-sang had to be substituted after complaining of pain from a tackle by Ibrokimkalil Yuldoshev, while Cho Young-wook also went down in pain after a reckless tackle by Abdurauf Buriyev. Buriyev had also gotten into trouble in the first half, elbowing Lee Kang-in in the face. Buriyev was eventually sent off after receiving a cumulative warning from the referee. Davronov also got into an argument with Song Min-gyu, slapping him on the back and pushing him in the face while the referee wasn’t looking.

After the game, Korean soccer fans were outraged, but a “twist” occurred when Buriyev’s social media posts went viral. Buriyev visited Hwaseong Stadium for the Korea-Uzbekistan exhibition match last September, and he has carefully organized his photos from that trip. He posted a collection of photos of South Korea, referring to “Suwon Station,” “Hwaseong,” and “Hwaseong,” along with an emoji of the Korean flag.

“Please refrain from rough tackles next time,” and “I’ll let you off the hook this time,” were some of the reactions.

Meanwhile, the Korean Asian Games football team will play the Korea-Japan final at 9 p.m. on July 7 at the Kowloon Sports Center.

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