One chance to avoid relegation next season is gone.

Bayern Munich fell 2-4 to Hoffenheim in the final match of the 2023-24 German Bundesliga season at the Frisero Arena in Sinsheim, Germany, on Sunday (Jan. 18). Bayern Munich scored two goals in the first six minutes of the match to take the lead. However, Hoffenheim scored the next four goals to take the lead and lose the match.

The loss was devastating for Bayern Munich. In the midst of the loss to Hoffenheim, third-place Stuttgart won 4-0 at Mönchengladbach on the same day to leapfrog the Bavarians and finish the season in second place. In the end, Bayern Munich suffered the humiliation of finishing the Bundesliga in third place for the first time in 13 years.

There is one player who is most disappointed with Bayern Munich’s third place finish. Harry Kane. Kane left Tottenham Hotspur for Bayern Munich ahead of this season. Kane is a three-time Premier League top scorer and the second most prolific player in the league’s history.

As much as Kane has made history in England, he hasn’t been able to win trophies. Tottenham hadn’t given him a single official trophy in his 13 years with the club. So Kane chose Bayern Munich, the German giants who could guarantee him a trophy.

However, the Bavarians finished the season irrelevant. It wasn’t Kane’s fault. Kane played a total of 45 games this season, scoring 44 goals and providing 12 assists. Despite this, Bayern Munich failed to win the Bundesliga, the German Pokal Cup, the Super Cup, or the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Kane was hoping to escape next season with a clean slate, but coincidentally, he’ll start next season with a clean slate. Bayern Munich finished third.

The German league hosts the Super Cup before the start of the season. The competition pits the winner of the Bundesliga against the winner of the Pokal Cup, with the winner taking home the trophy. In other words, you only need to win one game to win the trophy.

This makes the Super Cup Kane’s best chance of escaping irrelevance, but Bayern 먹튀검증 Munich won’t be in the Super Cup next season. Leverkusen won the Bundesliga this season. Leverkusen will next face lower league side Kaiserslautern in the Pokal Cup final on April 26th. If Leverkusen wins both the Bundesliga and the Pokal Cup, the draw for next season’s Super Cup will be drawn between Leverkusen and the second-place team in the Bundesliga.

However, even if Leverkusen wins the Pokal Cup, Bayern Munich will not be able to challenge for the Supercup. They finished third in the final round, behind Stuttgart. As a result, Kane won’t be able to participate in the Super Cup next season, and will start the new season on the sidelines.

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