It is not for nothing that people say, “When Suwon fans come, the local economy will be revitalized.”

Suwon Samsung won 3-1 over FC Anyang in the 8th round of ‘Hana Bank K League 2 2024’ held at Anyang Sports Complex at 2 pm on the 21st. Suwon rose to first place with four consecutive wins, while Anyang, the only undefeated team in K League 2, lost the lead for the first time in the league.

Suwon, a popular and prestigious K-League team that was dishonorably relegated last season, unconditionally aimed for promotion in its first K-League 2. It was not simply promotion, but direct promotion through winning. Suwon, led by coach Yeom Ki-hoon, who went from acting to full-time coach, struggled in the beginning, but recently succeeded in taking the lead through four consecutive wins in the league.

Coach Yeom Ki-hoon said that tactics and player selection were important, but he also tried to change the sense of defeat within the team. Suwon’s legend and big brother, coach Ki-hoon Yeom, who has tremendous experience, led the club with his older brother’s leadership, and coaches who played for Suwon, including Sang-min Yang, Jang-min Oh, and Shin Hwa-yong, who knew Suwon well, helped coach Ki-hoon Yeom to change Suwon, which was filled with a sense of defeat. I tried. It’s still early in the season, but the ‘older brother’s leadership’ is paying off.

The fans are what helped Suwon overcome the sense of defeat. Suwon supporters, originally known as the strongest fandom in the K-League, are shaking up K-League 2. Home is a given, and every time we go away, the club and stadium are turned upside down. Compared to K League 1, K League 2 clubs do not have many away fans, but Suwon has a crowd several times higher than the average away fan, so there is a lot to prepare for.

Employees of the opposing team, which has a home game against Suwon, are guaranteed to work overtime until the day of the game. There are many things to decide, such as how many expedition seats will be opened and how to manage them. On game day, numerous Suwon fans come, occupying the convenience stores, restaurants, and surrounding downtown areas around the stadium. For example, in Anyang this time, Suwon fans occupied Pyeongchon Station and Beomgye Station near the stadium, and Anyang 1st Street near Anyang Station.

As a joke, it is said that “Suwon fans are helping revitalize the local economy.” In this match against Anyang, the Suwon supporters showed a huge, eye-catching cheer, and the performance of spinning umbrellas after halftime made the spectators raise their cell phones. Suwon responded to the fans’ cheers with a 3-1 victory, leading to cheers. Suwon supporters will continue to shake up the away team and become a hot topic every time they go.

After the game, Park Dae-won said, “Whenever we go away, it doesn’t feel like an away trip. Only the stadium has changed, but our fans are more, their voices are louder, and their support is much louder. That’s why I don’t feel like it’s an away game. Every game is home. He expressed his gratitude to the fans, saying, “I am truly grateful for making it a stadium.”

Coach Ki-Hoon Yeom said, “All I can say is that I’m sorry to the fans. Even if we have a streak of wins, I’m still sorry. I know how you feel. That’s why I’m even more sorry. I’m doing well and I’m trying to show the fans a different side. Like now, I’m making a big impact wherever I go, home or away. “I hope you give us strength, not only because of the players’ performance, but also because of the fans who spoke out during difficult times,” he said, promising better results.

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