Even fine dust and spring rain could not stop the interest and love from the gallery.

The KLPGA (Korean Ladies Professional Golf) Tour Nexen Saint Nine Masters 2024 ended at Gimhae Gaya CC on the 21st. Over three days, 18,232 galleries visited the tournament venue. It is a rare success for the KLPGA Tour to have close to 20,000 people enter the gallery over three days. The Nexen Saint Nine Masters, which was successfully completed, is now evaluated as having gone beyond the representative golf festival of Busan and Gyeongnam and established itself as a prestigious tournament representing the tour.

This tournament, now in its 11th year, attracted 18,232 people over three days, including the ‘Cloud Gallery’ and abundant events,

and was popularized by word of mouth as it was held on the longest course of the KLPGA Tour and sunny spring weather.

The conditions this year were not very good. On the first day of the competition, an ultrafine dust advisory was issued in the Gimhae area, and the second round was held in strong winds and spring rain. Despite this, many galleries visited the venue for two days and reaffirmed that it was the best golf festival in the Busan-Gyeongnam region. The total number of visitors over the three days leading up to the final round was 18,232. This is a 49% increase from last year.

The players also responded to the gallery’s support. Kim Jae-hee, Lee Ye-won, and Kim Min-byeol held a fan signing event to repay the support of fans who came to the competition venue despite the inclement weather. Nexen Group has prepared a variety of events such as putting, juggling, and roulette for the gallery, as well as giving away Saint Nine golf balls. Broadcaster Byun Ki-su, Saint Nine’s ambassador, also showed off his eloquence by hosting a booth event himself.

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