Seongnam FC, winner of the 2024 K League 2 1st Fan Friendly Club Award, will host a brand day home match (Hana Bank K League 2 2024 17R FC Anyang) on Saturday, May 15, at Tancheon Stadium to celebrate the club’s 35th anniversary.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the club’s brand day, Seongnam FC has created a special ticket that includes nine of the club’s jerseys with Umbro. The special tickets will be available only for the June 15th home match, raising the anticipation of fans.

At the Seomun (Magpie Lounge), there will be a uniform photo zone with Seongnam’s history. The photo zone is a large-scale photo zone comparable to a regular pop-up store and is specially designed with a locker room motif, displaying home and away jerseys of Seongnam FC and Umbro from 2016 to 2024. The first 500 people to take a photo at the photo zone will receive a postcard with 바카라사이트 Seongnam FC’s all-time jerseys, adding a special touch to the brand day.

In the Alumni (E seats), there will be a mini-game zone with Umbro. Fans can enjoy two mini-games utilizing a ball, and there will also be an Umbro stamp zone for more fans to participate. Fans who participate in the two mini-games in the East Gate (Seat E) and the Seongnam FC Photo Zone event in the West Gate (Magpie Lounge) and collect three stamps will be entered into a drawing to win Umbro products.

In addition, new Photoism booths will be installed at the West Gate and East Gate from this match. These booths, which are aimed at the MZ generation, will allow fans to take photos with the Seongnam FC squad and Umbro frames. The price is 7,000 won, and you can meet the players with upgraded image quality compared to the existing photo booths.

The club explained that it has prepared various events to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its founding, such as giving away McCall’s drinks to the first 3,510 visitors at each gate, and providing health supplements from Ilhwa to visitors wearing classic pre-2013 jerseys.

In addition, Seongnam said that it plans to create a stadium full of things to see and eat by operating the Player of the Month Award Ceremony McCall Brand Booth 2024 1st Fan Friendly Club Award Ceremony Magpie’s Nest Burger, Chicken Plus Pickup Zone, various food trucks, etc.

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