South Korean figure women’s singles prospect Park Eun-bi (Pyeongchon) finished her debut at the International Ice Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix in fifth place. Park earned a total of 107.41 points in the free skate with a technical score of 58.32 and a performance score of 49.09 at the seventh ISU Junior Grand Prix 2023-2024 in Yerevan, Armenia, on Sunday (February 7).Combined with her short program score from the previous day (59.22), Park finished ifth for a total of 166.63 points, earning a “top five” finish in her first Junior Grand Prix. Her compatriot, Ko Na-yeon (Stellar Garam Jung), fell three times in the free skate and scored 82.75 points to combine with her short program score (54.69 points) for a total of 137.44 points, good for 12th place. In the seventh edition of the competition, Japan’s Mao Shimada scored 136.67 points in the free skate and 73.14 points in the short program to take first place with a total of 209.81 points .Shimada was penalized for an insufficient number of turns in her triple axel (three full aerials) and a fall on landing in her quadruple salchow (four full aerials), but calmly executed the remaining tasks to improve her score. Ellis Lynn Gracie (176.11 points) and Sherry Zhang (175.18 points) of the United States finished second and third .Park Hyun-seo (Kyungshin), who competed in the men’s singles free skate later in the day, scored 42.64 points for the TES, 60.41 points for the PCS, and 102.05 points for deduction 1 to finish in 11th place with a combined short program score (53.15 points) of 155.20 points. With this seventh event, the Junior Grand Prix Series comes to a close for the season, and all six men’s and women’s singles competitors have been confirmed for the Junior Grand Prix Final in Beijing, China, December 7-10.The Junior Grand Prix Final is a “king of the hill” event that features only the top six male and female performers from the seven events of the Junior Grand Prix Series. Coincidentally, this year’s Junior Grand Prix Final women’s singles will be a “Japan-Korea” event, as three Korean and three Japanese players have qualified for the event. Shin Jia (Yeongdong) and Kim Yoo-sung (Pyeongchon) had qualified for the Grand Prix Final with results up to the fifth tournament last month, while Kwon Min-sol (Mokdong) rode the “Grand Prix Final Train” after the seventh tournament. Shin Jia won both the second and fifth tournaments, earning 30 ranking points and becoming the first Korean to reach the Grand Prix Final in 18 years. Shin tied Shimada for second place in the rankings with 30 ranking points, but was outdone by Shimada in total points .Kim Yoo-sung (26 points), who finished second in the first and fifth events, is fifth in ranking points, while Kwon Min-sol (third in the second event and second in the sixth event) is sixth with 24 points .In addition to Shimada, Japan’s Ami Nakai (1st place in event 1 – 1st place in event 3 – 30 points) and Lena Uezono (2nd place in event 3 – 1st place in event 6 – 28 points) qualified for the Grand Prix Finals. In the Men’s Singles, Lim Joo-heon (SURIGO) and Kim Hyun-gyeom (HAN AD) will compete in the Junior Grand Prix Final .Lim earned a silver medal at the Fourth World Championships and a gold at the Sixth World Championships, while Kim earned a runner-up finish at the Second World Championships and a gold at the Fifth World Championships to earn 28 ranking points. The two Koreans will compete against Rio Nakada (JPN), François Pitot (FRA), 스포츠토토 Daniel Martinov (USA), and Adam Hagara (Slovakia).

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