Director Hong Won-ki, Ahn Woo-jin’s arm fatigue is very high… Worrying about being out of season

Last year, he pitched 196 innings in the regular season and 22⅔ innings in the postseason.

Kiwoom Heroes

Professional baseball Kiwoom Heroes ace Ahn Woo-jin (24) stood tall as the league’s leading ace last year,

winning the Golden Glove Award in the pitcher category.

He also started 24 games this season and continued his powerful pitching with 164 strikeouts and 2.39 ERA in 150⅔ innings.

Even though he was limited to 9 wins (7 losses) due to poor luck,

several detailed indicators, such as a hitting percentage of 0.217 and on-base allowed per inning of 1.06, show his power.

However, inside the club, they are considering giving him a break as he has become tired after pitching a lot last year and this year.

Hong Won-ki

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki said ahead of the KT Wiz game to be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 1st,

“Ahn Woo-jin, who pitched over 220 innings including last year’s postseason,

is experiencing very high arm fatigue,” and added, 바카라사이트

“He is a young player and takes thorough care of his body.

“We cannot ignore the accumulated fatigue,” he said.

Woo jin Ahn appeared as a starting pitcher against the Incheon SSG Landers on the 31st of last month and pitched well,

allowing 5 hits, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, and 1 run in 6 innings.

10th Win

Even though he missed the opportunity to achieve his 10th win of the season

by allowing a tie in the bullpen at the end of the game, he did his job well as a starting pitcher.

However, Coach Hong said, “Yesterday’s game was quite bad from the first inning, and we pitched a pitch that led to a hit.

He said, “Doing a certain movement (opening your arm) on the mound means you are uncomfortable,”

“I feel sorry for him because he is trying his best without showing it off as an ace.”

This season, the Kiwoom club had Ahn Woo-jin enter the first team twice in the first half and the second half.

Coach Hong said , “We gave him a break to help him complete the race,

but it wasn’t enough,” and added, “Now, we have to check his condition every day.

Ahn Woo-jin

This season is not the end, and Ahn Woo-jin is growing into a player who will represent the KBO League.

He hinted that additional measures may be taken, saying,

“I think we need to think about whether we should do our best until the end, even if it means overdoing it.”

On this day, Ahn Woo-jin visited the hospital prior to the game and received treatment for his arm condition and finger blisters.

The Kiwoom team explained, “I did not see a doctor for an injury.

I only received light physical therapy due to fatigue.”


Kiwoom Heroes has only 21 games left in the regular season, and is virtually out of the fall baseball competition.

We are considering a wide range of options, including skipping the selection process once,

excluding 10 days from entry, and even completing the season altogether.

Coach Hong said, “There is no problem (such as an injury),

so the person’s will is important before an external decision is made,”

but “I cautiously predict that the time will come when the team will make a judgment (about Ahn Woo-jin’s remaining season).” said.

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