Coach Lee Young-min is troubled by the departure of Ahn Jae-joon.

Bucheon FC 1995 will play against Seongnam FC at 21 p.m. on the 7st at Tancheon Sports Complex in the 2023th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 27’.

Bucheon is in sixth place with 38 points (11 wins, 5 draws, 8 losses).

Bucheon made up the starting roster with Lee Beom-so

Seong-kwan Seong-kwan

Nilsson Jr.

Lee Dong-hee

Kim Seon-ho

Choi Jae-young


Jung Hee-woong

Kim Bo-yong

Lupeta, and Kim Ho-nam.

Lee Joo-hyun

Lee Yong-hyuk

Park Hyung-jin

Lee Jung-bin

Ahn Jae-joon

Lee Eui-hyung and Park Ho-min will start on the bench.

Head coach Lee Young-min said in the pre-match press conference

We have won both of our matches against Seongnam this season 바카라사이트닷컴

but there were no easy games.

We worked hard and won

and we have to do that today.

If we do what we have prepared and the players do well

I think the result will be good.

It’s not going to be an easy game

he said of today’s game.

All of the teams at the top of the K League 6 lost last weekend.

It’s an opportunity for Bucheon.

Head coach Lee Young-min said

The players know the result.

More than that

I think we should aim more to win this match as the final round robin is underway.

It can be rushed

but it’s important to take it easy and how to attack Seongnam.


Kim Bo-yong and Jung Hee-woong

who were brought in in the summer transfer window

make up the attacking team.

Director Lee Young-min said

Lupeta has power and speed.

Now I’m feeling better.

There was an aftermath of the injury.

I’m not ready to play full-time yet.

I’m not in perfect shape

so I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

Kim Bo-yong will be a player who can be utilized

and Jung Hee-woong is a player who will open up other avenues on the flanks.

So I’m looking forward to it.

I’m looking forward to seeing how well he performs in the second half of the season.

Ahn Jae-jun has made a comeback and has been named as a substitute and will soon be selected for the Asian Games in Hangzhou.

The departure of Ahn Jae-joon

who is a big part of the scoring team

is certainly a pain.

Director Lee Young-min said

It’s something you have to think about.

In Ahn Jae-joon’s absence

his grades were bad.

I tried to fill it with players of a similar type to Ahn Jae-joon

but it was still more destructive when Ahn Jae-jun was there.

Han Ji-ho will make a comeback soon

and he will fill the void when Ahn Jae-joon is missing.

He added

I want to use it for personal greed

but I have a big tournament called the Asian Games coming up

and I want to use it when the athlete is at his best and confident, and when he can use it full-time

rather than my own greed.

Regarding the fact that the roster is the same as the last game

he said

I was not particularly conscious of it

I had to play four games in two weeks

so I made a roster with players who were in good shape.

The amount of time he plays will be different in the future.

Substitutions will be used in the second half to increase or adjust the time.

We also have to think about the upcoming Saturday games.”

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