A bizarre abandonment of a match in Turkiye’s professional soccer has resulted in a hefty fine.

The Turkiye Football Federation (TFF) announced on Wednesday that it has fined Fenerbahçe 4 million liras (approximately $170,000) for abandoning a match just two minutes into the recent Super Cup competition.

Fenerbahçe’s abandonment of the match on Aug. 8 showed a darker side of the Turkiye League, which has become increasingly corrupt.

Fenerbahçe was scheduled to play Galatasaray in the final of the 2023-2024 Türkiye Süper Kupas (Super Cup) against Galatasaray at the GAP Stadium in Shanurfa, Türkiye on August 8th.

Fenerbahçe had been in constant conflict with the TFF. 토토사이트 The club had requested a rescheduling and the assignment of foreign referees, but the TFF refused, leaving the club frustrated.

Fenerbahce threatened to pull out of the tournament by fielding its U-19 team instead of its first-team players in protest, and then went on a rampage after conceding a goal just 50 seconds after kickoff.

As players from both teams gathered in the center circle to resume play, the Fenerbahçe players suddenly began to leave the field. The panicked referee ordered them to return, but it didn’t work, and with just over four minutes to go, he confirmed that Fenerbahçe had abandoned the game.

Galatasaray’s players and coaching staff, on the other hand, celebrated their victory.

The Turkiye Super Cup is a single-legged tournament between the winner of the previous season’s regular season Super Lig and the winner of the Turkiye Cup. Fenerbahçe won the cup last season.

The TFF decided to punish Fenerbahçe, 파워볼실시간 stating that the club’s behavior was in violation of the rules. In addition to the club’s 4 million rials fine, the TFF also suspended Fenerbahçe’s senior officials for 60 days and fined them 520,000 rials for “unsportsmanlike conduct.

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