Hong Yun-sang scored the winning goal in extra time in the second half of a home match against Daejeon

Lee Dong-kyung

Park Yong-woo replace the vacant seat… Popular with people from Germany

Players who have returned from experiencing German professional football are showing off their skills in the K-League. Following Hwang Jae-hwan and Chun Sung-hoon

Hong Yoon-sang and Lee Dong-kyung are among the standout performers this time.

Pohang Hong Yun-sang scored a dramatic winning goal in the away match against Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 20th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at the Pohang Steel Yard on the 27th.

Hong Yun-sang rattled the net in the eighth minute of the second half of extra time to make it 3-3 with an exquisite header from Kim Seung-dae’s cross.

After leading 8-3 and conceding three goals in a row to tie the game

Pohang secured the three points with a goal from Hong Yun-sang.

Hong Yun-sang is a German sect. Hong Yun-sang is a player who has gone through all the Pohang youth teams from Pohang Iron Dongcho, Pohang Iron Middle and Pohang Steel High School.

Hong Yun-sang played in the 0 Under-3 (U-3) World Cup in Brazil. In 2019

he won the tournament Most Valuable Player award at the K League Youth Championship 카지노사이트랭크 and led the Pohang Steelers U-17 team to the Pohang Steel Championship.

Hong Yun-sang

who officially joined Pohang after graduating from high school in 17

left on loan to Wolfsburg in Germany shortly after joining.

After a full transfer to Wolfsburg that summer

Hong Yun-sang returned to Pohang in July after spending time on loan at St. Pölten

Austria, and Nuremberg, Germany.

Hong Yun-sang has the advantage of dribbling to take away the opponent’s tempo by using his speed.

He also has excellent decision-making ability in front of the door and can play not only on the flanks but also in the center, Pohang said.

In Ulsan Hyundai

the German mobile police are active.

Lee Dong-kyung

who played for Ulsan and rose rapidly in the wake of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

left for Germany last year to play for Schalke 18 and FC Hansa Rostock before returning to his parents’ club Ulsan in the middle of this season.

Lee Dong-kyung

who improved his physical condition and game sense

scored his first comeback goal in 21 days against Jeju United on the 608st of last month and even added an assist.

Lee Dong-kyung has been helping the team since he was inserted into the vacancy created in the midfield after the transfer of Park Yong-woo.

Prior to them

in the K League Incheon Cheon Sung-hoon and Ulsan Hwang Jae-hwan showed off their German power.

Chun Sung-hoon, who returned from Augsburg in Germany, has scored four goals in 11 appearances this season. Hwang Jae-hwan, who returned from playing for Cologne, scored two goals in nine games.

It will be interesting to see if the K-League performances of the German natives will continue in the remaining games.

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