‘Mubin is playing better than I thought’

Hyundai Mobis head coach Cho Dong-hyun.

Park Mubin (23, 185 cm, guard) was selected by the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis with the second overall pick in the last KBL Rookie Draft.

Already with a promising guard corps that includes Signeon-jin, Kim Tae-wan, and Kim Dong-joon, the Mobis wasted no time in calling up Park to add to their guard depth after 카지노사이트 Suwon KT selected Moon Jung-hyun.

Park is a dual guard from Hongdae and Korea University who led both teams in their heyday. He is highly regarded for his offense, passing, and game management skills. His good looks were a bonus.

Much was expected of him. However, his season debut was delayed due to injury. He made his debut on December 7 against SK.

Hyundai Mobis went on a winning streak after the start of the season. However, the team has been on a roller coaster ride since the injury to Signeon-jin, and is now facing the disappointment of not even reaching the 5% win rate.

The biggest disappointment has been the injury absence of Signeon-jin. The guard’s ability to assemble games dropped significantly.

The enlistment of Kim Dong-jun and the inexperience of Kim Tae-wan also contributed to the slump. Park Mubin’s return to the team was long awaited. At the time, Coach Cho said, “Mubin is inexperienced. He still has a lot to learn, but I think it would be good for him to experience it now.” He didn’t seem to expect much.

The bottom line is that Park’s arrival has been a huge boon for Hyundai Mobis. Out of the three games that Park played, the team won only the Jung Kwan-jang game (93-78), but the team’s flexibility in game management, which had been a problem before Park’s return, has changed, making the team look forward to future games.

Then came the fourth game of his debut. It was against SK, the first opponent of his KBL career. He played 30 minutes and 11 seconds, the most since his debut, and was the reason for the close game. Although he lost the game, it was a game that showed his potential. He ended up with 14 points, one rebound, and four assists.

Let’s recap the game

Coming off the bench, Park started the game with two points and two assists in the first quarter. He played five minutes and nine seconds. With Park in the lineup, Hyundai Mobis was more flexible and active.

In the second quarter, he started. He played the role of a fast-break closer. After that, it was ‘sparkling’. During the early offense, he converted a contact with Oh Se-geun into a three-point play that made the crowd go wild. On the ensuing fast break, he hit a three-pointer. It was impressive. It was a moment when he made a point with his relative weakness, the three-point shot. He played the full 10 minutes and made many shots that brought his energy level into the game. As a result, Hyundai Mobis was able to pull within eight points, 40-48.

In the first half, Park finished with 12 points, three assists, one rebound, and one steal while playing 15 minutes and five seconds. He shot 50% from the field (3-of-6 from two-point range and 1-of-1 from three-point range). He took three free throws and made all three. Park’s 10 minutes injected some life into the Hyundai Mobis comeback, which at one point in the second quarter was down by 19 points.

The third quarter was a bit quieter. I scored my first points on a free throw with just over two minutes left. I played about four minutes. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, he made two mistakes and fouled out. We couldn’t take the pressure off Oh Jae-hyun. Turnovers followed. As Park Mubin slumped, Hyundai Mobis gradually lost momentum.

And so, Park Mubin passed the game with a mixture of expectations and disappointment.

After the game, Coach Cho said, “Mubin’s performance is getting better and better. He will definitely be a good resource as he gains more experience.”

Since his first team debut, Park has recorded 11 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 3.8 assists. That’s definitely more than expected. He is showing his pride as a basketball elite and has definitely changed the evaluation around him from concern to hope.

Park’s “willpower” is famous. When he started playing basketball, the requirement was “100 points on the test”. He did it, and he became a basketball player. Through a combination of will, hard work, and grit, he has successfully landed in the KBL.

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