Award-winning casino content supplier Realistic Games is hoping players will keep their cool with its latest release, Black Ice.

The five-reel, 10-line slot is the company’s first 3-D game and gives players greater control of their gaming experience as they use the new cinematic view to explore the game.

By utilizing the very latest technology, it has created a 3-D world in which players can tilt and swipe their devices in order to change their view of the reels and enhance their game experience.

Each new game starts with 40 Wild symbols and whenever a win is obtained, all non-Wild symbols used in that win are also changed to Wild symbols.

A free respin is then awarded using the new set of enhanced reels giving players an even greater chance of some ice cool wins.

Robert Lee, Commercial Director of Realistic Games, said, “Black Ice is our first 3-D slot and we are very excited to bring this new development to our operating partners. We can’t wait to see how players will react.

“This latest technology is fantastic and has allowed us to deliver an experience unlike any other game currently on the market.

“This is another exciting and positive step for us as we continue to grow, and we are confident that Black Ice will add another dimension to our expanding portfolio.”

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