SEOUL, South Korea (Yonhap) By Kwon Hoon Kwon = J.T. Poston’s reckless but courageous play to finish second at the 3M Open on the U.S. Professional Golf (PGA) Tour on Monday (Aug. 31) is the talk of the town .Poston teed off on the 18th hole (par-5) three strokes behind leader Lee Hodges (USA) in the final round. A three-stroke deficit on the final hole is 토토사이트 almost impossible to overcome .But it wasn’t out of the question. If Poston made eagle and Hodges bogeyed, the two would be tied for the lead, forcing a playoff. The 18th hole bends sharply to the right, with a large pond separating the tee shot from the green. The safest approach is to play the left side of the course and get the ball to the green in three. If your tee shot veers left and lands in the rough, it won’t hurt your 3-on. Instead, it’s harder to get the ball on the green in two. However, the closer your tee shot is to the right end of the fairway, the easier it will be to make a 2-on.However, if you go too far right or make a mistake on your second shot, your ball will end up in the pond. With a three-stroke lead, Hodges’ choice on the tee box was to play it safe and go for the left side of the fairway .Poston actually had more reason to play it safe than to go for it .Even if he had some chance of making eagle, the odds of Hodges not making par on the par-5 were so slim that the game was effectively over. Besides, Poston was already in sole possession of second place. He had a three-stroke lead over the third-place group .But it was on the 18th hole that Poston made his move. After sending his tee shot to the right end of the fairway, he hit his second shot across the pond toward the green with 213 yards left. Contrary to Poston’s expectations, the ball did not cross the pond and fell into the water. The spot where the ball landed was tip-toeing downhill, and the rough made it difficult to swing properly .Disappointed, Poston took the penalty and changed his path, this time to the left. His fourth shot left him in the fairway, his fifth a little short, and his sixth on the green, but he couldn’t sink the double-bogey putt and had to settle for a triple-bogey .In the meantime, Hodges, who took the safe route home, dropped his third shot 115 yards to the side of the hole for birdie .His lead over Poston grew from three strokes to seven. Poston held on to second place, but the prize money for first and second place were very different. Since there were three tied for second, including Poston, the prize pool was $592,000 after combining the second through fifth place prizes and dividing them by three. If Poston hadn’t made a triple bogey on the 18th hole, he would have earned the sole runner-up prize of $850,000.Instead of a thrilling come-from-behind win, Poston’s gamble on the 18th hole cost him $260,000.There have been mixed reports that Hodges took a reckless shot that cost him a share of second place when he was unlikely to make bogey anyway .Poston, however, responded on social media, “I didn’t come into the tournament to finish second. If I had the same situation 10 times, I would make the same choice 10 times,” he wrote curiously on social media. He told ESPN, “To put pressure on Hodges at the end, I had to make a 3-pointer. It was a tough shot to make, but I had to take it,” he said, adding, “I don’t want to think about it later and wonder what it would have been like if I hadn’t tried and just given up. I did everything I could to win, so I have no regrets. “Poston, who has two wins on the PGA Tour – the 2019 Wyndham 스포츠토토 Championship and last year’s John Deere Classic – is winless this year but has six top-10 finishes, including this runner-up finish, and is 48th in the FedExCup standings, nearly clinching a playoff spot.

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