Former UFC stars Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal are set for their next fight.

However, instead of getting back on the octagon, the two will face off through a boxing match in early June.

Masvidal and Diaz will stage a 10-round boxing match on June 1 at the Kia Forum in Southern California, the two announced on Wednesday. This will be Masvidal’s first fight since he defeated Diaz by a fourth-round TKO (안전놀이터) at UFC 244 in New York in 2019. The fighter jets will compete at 175 pounds.

Masvidal retired from mixed martial arts in April after losing his fourth straight game to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. He finished the overall record 35-17 and has since promoted various fights across the sport.

He is still under contract with the UFC, but the company has approved of his fight against Diaz. This will be his second boxing match since his 2005 victory over Joseph Benjamin.
Diaz posted a career record of 22-13 in the UFC, but his last victory came against Tony Ferguson in 2022. He has since left the UFC and is now an FA. He made his boxing debut last fall but was unanimously defeated by YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul in August.

“Nate is a walking dead man,” Masvidal said in a statement. “I can’t wait to prove that the last time was no accident. He was helped by the referee. Now we are boxing. He says this is his strength, but he doesn’t have a chance to beat me. I’m not giving up. If he thought our MMA match was bad, it would be a lot worse. I’m going to drown him. I want to put aside the saying that he and I are the same. Or that the referee saved the match. The story all ends on June 1. Violence and throwing hands are in our blood, but as I have proven before, I’m a much better athlete and a meaner one. Come on June 1, I’ll put all the unanswered questions to rest and live for the world to see.”

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