Suwon FC, under new head coach Kim Eun-jung, defeated Incheon United in their first match of the new season, with ‘Ace’ Lee Seung-woo scoring the winning goal just before the end of stoppage time.

Suwon FC defeated Incheon United 1-0 in a K League 1 2024 first-round match at the Incheon Football Stadium on Sunday thanks to a penalty kick from Lee Seung-woo just before the end of second-half stoppage time. After suffering relegation to the second division at the end of last season, Suwon FC’s efforts to turn things around under head coach Kim Eun-joong 안전카지노사이트 were rewarded with a season-opening victory.

Suwon FC was able to withstand Incheon’s piecemeal attack throughout the first half with an organized defense. The team, which has consistently been among the top scorers in the league in previous seasons but has suffered from a lack of defense, completely shed its colors and displayed a cohesive defensive organization.

In the second half, the team made a number of changes to the attacking lineup. The front three of Monreal, Ji Dong-won, and Jun-seok were replaced by Andersson, Seung-woo, and Jeong Jae-min in the second half, and quick flanker Lee Kwang-hyuk was also brought in to bolster the attack.

Suwon FC’s strategy of taking it easy on defense and looking for counterattacking opportunities was rewarded just before the end. Midfielder Yoon Beom-garam was tripped by a defender as he drove down the left side of the Incheon penalty box, earning a penalty kick, which Lee Seung-woo neatly converted to seal the game. As Lee Seung-woo and the Suwon FC players celebrated, the referee called the game to an end, sealing the dramatic victory.

“We were conscious of the pressure of the first game and focused on the organizational aspect,” said head coach Kim Eun-joong after the match. “I think that waiting until the end without giving up led to the victory,” he said. “If we lose the ball easily, we have to run a lot more, so as an away team, we tried to get the most out of Incheon, the home team,” he added.

“He’s in his prime, but he’s been away from the national team for a while,” said Lee Seung-woo, who scored the winning goal, “so we gave him the role of penalty kicker to motivate him to return to the national team.” “I wouldn’t say I’m 100 percent yet, but I think he’s definitely motivated (to return to the national team) because I saw him try to break through the dribble on his own during the game,” he said. “He didn’t miss a day of hard training during the winter training. I expect him to score more goals this year than last year,” he praised.

“I expect us to improve as we play,” he said of Suwon FC’s current form, which he described as “50 percent.” “Once we stabilize defensively, we will be able to perform better offensively,” he added.

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