Japan’s goalkeeper Zion Suzuki, who has been criticized for his shaky play in the tournament, has a message for fans.

“Suzuki said in an interview with reporters after training that he received ‘racist remarks,'” Japan’s Yahoo reported on July 22 (KST).

Suzuki is a mixed-race goalkeeper born to a Ghanaian father and Japanese mother. After earning his first senior national team call-up in October, he quickly became a regular starter and was named to the final roster for the 안전카지노사이트 Asian Cup in Qatar, his first international appearance.

He was touted as the ‘goalkeeper of Europe’, and many took notice. However, he hasn’t been able to escape criticism for his sub-par performances. In the first game against Vietnam, Suzuki conceded an early goal in the 16th minute due to poor positioning, and in the 32nd minute, he mishandled a free kick that led to a late goal. Although the game ended in a 4-2 Japanese victory, Suzuki’s goalkeeping insecurities remained a concern.

The mistakes continued in the second game. In the fifth minute of the first half, he was unable to clear a cross from the flank, contributing to the opening goal. Aside from the goal, he also showed shaky handling of aerial balls, which led to some dangerous moments. The result was a shocking 1-2 defeat.

In Japan, the criticism has become increasingly vocal. “He’s not a national team-level player,” “he’s inexperienced,” and “he doesn’t have enough experience” are some of the sharp reactions.

Excessive criticism for a 21-year-old goalkeeper. Some have even been known to make racist remarks. “Suzuki is aware that there are many voices criticizing his performance,” Yahoo reported. Among them, I would like you to refrain from making discriminatory remarks,’ he said. He also said, ‘I heard such remarks through social media. I have no intention of losing. I want to repay them with results,” he said.

He also reportedly expressed his determination ahead of the game against Indonesia. According to the media outlet, Suzuki said, “As the goalkeeper of Japan’s national team, I know that I am expected to perform at a high level. I think there is no problem if I accept that and move on to the next step. As a goalkeeper, you are always with your goals. That’s why I enjoy it the most when I save the team, and I want to show that,” he said.

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