“It’s not just one or two good things,” said Oh Jae-hyun on the return of Ahn Young-jun.

The Seoul SK Knights won 76-74 against the Daegu KOGAS Pegasus in the 2023-2024 regular season at Daegu Gymnasium 토토 on Saturday.

The game was a back-and-forth affair until the very end. With the score tied at 71-71 with 32 seconds left in regulation, Oh Jae-hyun’s three-pointer after overtime hit the rim to win the game. Along with the game-winning shot, he added 10 points and two rebounds.

Oh Jae-hyun said, “We lost so badly to Gasworks in the first round, so we had to set the tone for the start of the second round, so we had to focus and win unconditionally. I’m satisfied with the way the game turned out,” he said after the victory.

On the day, Oh Jae-hyun attempted five three-pointers and made one. However, it was the shot that sealed the victory for SK.

“I take shots that go in and shots that don’t go in for granted,” Oh said. Even if the shot didn’t go in, I had a good feeling. I thought I had a chance, so I asked the coach if I could shoot if I had a chance, and he told me to shoot confidently, so I did,” Oh said about his winning shot.

“That’s my favorite corner, so that’s where I practice the most. Even if I don’t go in, it helps to shoot from the same spot. It was an important moment, so I thought it would be better to shoot from a spot I was confident in, and I think that’s how the coach positioned me.”

On this day, Oh Jae-hyun was in charge of defending Kim Nak-hyun. It was also Kim’s first comeback game after being discharged from the military, so what was it like playing against him?

“He’s always been a good player and I’ve been matching up with him, but I definitely felt like he was good. He has good strength and good drive-in and passing.

I think I gave up a lot of goals and assists today because I made a lot of defensive mistakes, but I’ll focus more on the game and study more to try to stop him.”

While GAS has Kim Nak-hyun back, SK has Ahn Young-jun back.

Oh Jae-hyun said, “(Ahn’s return) is not the only good thing. He helps in all areas of the offense. He can defend from one to four, and he can attack from two to four. He’s probably the most intimidating player to play against. His game will always be good. You’ll have more tactical options. You”ll be able to mismatch in attack, and in defense, you”ll be able to do so without losing speed due to your height. The energy level of the team will increase. I’m looking forward to playing with him,” he said of Ahn’s arrival.

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