German politicians have criticized the German Football Association (DFB) over its partnership changes.

“German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has sharply criticized the DFB’s partnership change,” German media outlet Bild reported on Wednesday (Feb. 22).

The DFB announced on Jan. 21 that “DFB has chosen Nike as its new equipment supplier from 2027. The partnership will run until 2034. Nike will outfit all of the DFB’s national teams and support German soccer as a whole,” the organization announced.

The DBF has been associated with its home brand Adidas for over 70 years. The German national soccer team wore Adidas uniforms to the 1990 World Cup in Italy and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The German national soccer team has shared many moments of glory with Adidas, but the partnership is coming to an end. The DFB did not renew its contract with Adidas, opting instead for a new deal with the American brand’s rival, Nike.

The biggest reason is money. According to Bild, Adidas recently offered DFB around €50 million ($72.7 billion) per year. Nike has offered the DFB a deal worth at least €100 million ($145.4 million) per year.

Adidas is baffled. Adidas spokesperson Oliver Bruggen said: “Our contract with DFB runs until the end of 2026. We have been informed by DFB that we will be contracting with a new supplier from 2027 onwards.”

“We understand all the emotions,” DFB said in a statement, adding, “The end of a partnership that has shared special moments is a drastic event for us as well.”

German politicians have criticized the DFB in response. “I can’t imagine a German uniform 안전놀이터 without the three stripes (the symbol of Adidas),” said German Vice Chancellor Robert Harbeck, “Adidas and the colors black, red, and gold have always been with me. It’s part of the German identity. I would have liked to have been more patriotic.”

German Health Minister Karl-Lauterbach took to social media to ask: “Should Adidas no longer be the national soccer team’s uniform? Should an American company (make the uniforms) instead? I think it’s a wrong decision, where commerce destroys tradition,” he wrote.


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