Cha Yu-ram takes the cue again

Cha Yu-ram (36), who played as a star player representing the women’s professional billiards LPBA and then turned into a politician, takes the cue again. On the 31st, the Professional Billiards Association (PBA) announced, “Cha Yu-ram will return to the LPBA tour two seasons after announcing his retirement .”Cha Yu-ram played an active part in the pocketball stage, including as a member of the national team at the 2006 Doha Asian Games and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, and switched to 3-cushion at the same time as the launch of professional billiards in 2019. Since then, he has been active on the professional stage for three seasons, reaching the semifinals of the 2021-2022 NH Nonghyup Card Championship and the semifinals of the SK Rent-a-Car LPBA World Championship 2022.

In the final season, he quickly adapted to the three-cushion stage even in a short period of time, ranking 11th in the overall rankings .Additionally, in the PBA Team League, he played for two seasons as a member of Welcome Savings Bank and played a major role in leading the team to its first win in the 2021-2022 season. Cha Yu-ram, who announced his retirement as a player after joining the People Power Party in 2022, did not give up his relationship with billiards while working as a politician. He contributed to the development of professional billiards as a PBA public relations ambassador and a member of the PBA stadium promotion committee. Regarding her return to the billiards stage, Cha Yu-ram said, “I am thrilled and happy to be able to stand on the professional billiards stage two seasons after retirement. For two years, I have done what I can as a young politician and a working mother politician. I have no regrets or regrets because I did my best. “There is no,” he said.

He also said, “Through my experience over the past two years, I realized that there are many politicians who are better than me. I realized that what I am best at is billiards, and that I was happy as a billiards player. When I first took the cue, I would focus on improving my game with the mindset I had. “He expressed his determination .Cha Yu-ram’s return stage is the Welcome Savings Bank PBA-LPBA Championship, which begins on the 4th of next month. Cha Yu-ram, who has no ranking points because she did not participate in the competition in the past two seasons, is expected to make her comeback in the PPQ round (1st qualifying round) of the competition starting on the 4th.The opponent for the return match will be determined according to the bracket scheduled to be announced on the 1st of next month. Regarding participation in the team league, the original team, Welcome Savings Bank, had priority nomination rights .If Welcome Savings Bank nominates Cha Yu-ram in the draft scheduled to be held ahead of the next season, he will play in the team league as a member of Welcome Savings Bank starting from the new season. Cha Yu-ram plans to hold an official press conference after playing the first game of the Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang LPBA Championship preliminary round to be held at 토토사이트 KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang on the 4th of next month.

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