The fostering of the sports industry in Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, has been selected as an excellent case of responding to population decline.Boeun-gun announced on the 7th that it received an excellent award for introducing it under the theme of ‘Finding sustainable answers in the sports industry’ at the contest for local government population decline response cases organized by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.The county also secured 250 million won in special grant tax as a prize.Boeun-gun, which has been fostering the sports industry for more than a decade, has set up a dedicated organization (Sports Industry Division) within its administrative organization to attract domestic and international sports events, as well as training teams.

Through this, the food, accommodation, and tourism industries are being revitalized and jobs are being created.”Through 10 years of intensive investment, we have preempted the sports industry with high added value,” said Choi Jae-hyung, head of Boeun-gun. “We are also turning our attention to global sports marketing beyond Korea.” A sports park with five soccer fields (three natural grass fields), two baseball fields (one indoor practice field), and a wrestling arena has been built in the area.It also has a gym and a fitness certification center for athletes, a multi-purpose indoor stadium for basketball, volleyball, and handball, an all-weather athletic training field (145 meters long), and a swimming pool.In addition, there are various rest areas for athletes to rest and improve their performance, such as the Maltijae Twisting Trail and the Beopjusa Sejo Trail, which run through the dense pine forests in the middle of Mount Sokri.More 온라인카지노 than 100 sports competitions are held here every year, and last year, 286 sports teams trained here.

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